Bicycle Lights Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Bicycle Lights

Bike Lights

Being seen after dark is crucial!

Lights are a legal requirement if you are cycling at night.

The law says you need a red light at the rear and a white light at the front - "fixed to the bicycle".

The best bike lights for you depends on the kind of cycling you do and how much light you need!

Modern compact lightweight LED bike lights are bright enough to be seen by and the batteries last for ages.
They are easy to fit and remove so are ideal for bike-commuting.

The latest Cateye, Smart and Knog lights are getting great reviews!

You can save money by buying a set of bike lights instead of buying them singly.

Need More Power? Bright Bike Lights...

To ride in proper darkness, you'll need to spend a bit more to get enough light to see by.

The brightest bike lights use high-powered LED's.
These will give enough light for a MTB ride offroad at night and usually use a rechargeable battery - often an external battery pack which you can attach to the bike.

Many of these high powered bike lights are available with a helmet fitting.

Bicycle Lights

Buyers Guide