Bicycle Pump Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Bicycle Pumps

The Essential Cycling Accessory - the Bicycle Pump

Keeping your tyres pumped up makes cycling easier!

Bicycle tyres roll faster as tyre-pressure increases.

The better your bike pump, the easier it will be to pump your tyres up.

Generally speaking, the smaller the bike pump, the less air it shifts and the longer it will take to pump-up your tyre.

For effortless pumping up to the maximum recommended tyre pressure, get a floor-standing Track Pump with a pressure gauge.

Carry a compact bicycle mini pump with you for emergency use. Pack a spare inner-tube as well.

If your budget only stretches to one bike pump and you want one of the best, checkout the Topeak Morph range.

Make sure your bicycle pump will fit your valves.

  • Car-valve type are called Schrader valves.
  • High-pressure bicycle valves are called Presta valves.

    Many bicycle pumps can do both types of valve - the product description will tell you.

    Most bicycle pumps are provided with a bracket to mount to your frame - mounting your pump on the bicycle-frame means never leaving home without it.

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