Shimano 105 STI Shifters Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Shimano 105 STI Shifters

Shimano 105 STI Shifters

Shimano 105 STI Shifters are Shimano's mid-range road bike offering.

They are the best value for money shifters in the Shimano range, sharing the same internals as their more expensive cousins at a fraction of the cost!

More expensive groupsets than 105 might shave a few grammes here and there, but will do a lot more damage to your bank balance!

They brake and shift gear with less effort than Shimano Tiagra, feel nearly as good as Ultegra and only weigh about 90g more than Dura Ace.

They are available for use with either double or triple chainwheels.

The ergonomic hoods of the Shimano 105 shifters form a comfortable hand-hold and an ideal grab point for climbing or sprinting on the bike.

If you are looking for slick, high quality STI gear shifters at a reasonable price then the Shimano 105 shifters are definitely worth checking out.

The braking and shifting action on the 105's is lighter and much more precise than with either Shimano Sora or Tiagra.

Shimano are the world's best known manufacturer of cycle components and their experience shows with the build quality and durability of the 105 shifters and other components in the Shimano 105 range.

Cycling+ magazine called Shimano 105 "the king of the mid-range drivetrains" saying "The ergonomics of the STI units are better than everyone else's and the quality of engineering is absolutely spot on..."

Shimano 105 STI Shifters Specifications

  • Ergonomic Hoods
  • Shimano Flight Deck Cycle Computer Compatible
  • Complete with Cables
  • Weight - approx 495g pair

  • Shimano 105 STI Shifters

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