Specialized Armadillo Tyres Buyers Guide

Buyers Guide

Specialized Armadillo Tyres

Specialized Armadillo Puncture Resistant Tyres

Specialized's Armadillo puncture resistant bicycle tyres are available in both MTB and road versions. A tough nylon layer protects the inner tube from thorns, glass and most other sharp nasties.

A riding-buddy did puncture one after riding over a wood-screw - but I accidentally rode over a broken beer bottle with no problems!

Fitting them has seriously transformed my cycling. If you want to spend less time fixing punctures - fit Specialized Armadillos!

Specialized Armadillo Nimbus Tyres

Specialized Armadillo Nimbus Tyres are a semi-slick tyre available both for mountain bikes and road bikes.

Fit 26 inch to turn your MTB into a speedy flyer...
Fit 700c to turn a roadbike or touring bike into a lean, mean street machine.

The ideal tyre for a speedy city commute - you'll have no excuse for being late to work...
I run Nimbus Armadillos on my town bike and have had no punctures in over 8 months (at time of writing).

Specialized Nimbus Armadillo Tyre Sizes

  • 26 X 1.5
  • 700 X28, 700 X 32 & 700 X 35

    Specialized Armadillo All Condition Tyres

    Specialized All Condition Armadillo Tyres are the road going Armadillos (700C only).

    A narrow, high-pressure tyre with very light tread (almost slick). Available in 23 - 32mm widths.
    All Condition Armadillos are not the lightest road bike tyres available but a mostly puncture free life is worth the bit of extra weight.

    I've had them on my last 2 touring bikes - I don't remember when I last had a puncture (thats 1000's of miles...)

    Specialized All Condition Armadillo Tyre Sizes

  • 700 X 23
  • 700 X 25
  • 700 X 28

    A lighter, folding version called the All Condition Armadillo Elite is available.

    Specialized Armadillo Crossroads Mountain Bike Tyres

    The Specialized Armadillo Crossroads is a general purpose puncture-resistant mountain bike tyre.

    The tread on the Crossroads is not particularly aggressive but knobbly enough for most MTB terrain - rolling performance on tarmac is not too bad either.

    As with all puncture resistant tyres, they are heavier than their non-resistant counterparts.

    A lighter folding version is available - The Specialized Crossroads Armadillo Elite.

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